Tissue Culture

As a grower, you know the advantage of a homogeneous crop with the same genetic properties, as you then know exactly which specifications your crop meets. This quest begins in a tissue culture laboratory, with a number of plant cells. In the near future, you will be able to breed plants very efficiently with our innovation; meet our smallest Growcoon. Growcoon for tissue culture.


Advantages of the Growcoon for tissue culture:

  • Allows automation of tissue culture processes and makes them more sustainable
  • Good root development, fewer losses
  • Perfect for use in the root development phase
  • 100% clean and suitable for autoclave sterilisation
  • Completely degradable

As a grower, you know how vulnerable a tissue culture is when it’s transferred from the agar into substrate. You want to protect the fine roots as much as possible. In an automated proces, a thicker agar is used. But this does not contribute to a good root climate, which the plant desperately needs in this critical rooting phase. This is the very reason why the Growcoon represents such a valuable addition to this process, as it can bind a root ball when the growing medium cannot.

The Growcoon for tissue culture is currently being further developed to facilitate the growth process of the plant in its youngest, most vulnerable phase from cultivation to young plant. This smallest Growcoon protects the plant and allows automation of your propagation process. The end result is a uniform crop, fewer losses and, above all, much less manual work.

Tissue Culture

Suitable for autoclave sterilisation

The Growcoon for tissue culture actually works exactly the same as the standard Growcoon. The net is biodegradable, offers plenty of room for root development and is basically designed to support and protect the root. The only difference is the size. In addition, this Growcoon is made from materials that make it suitable for autoclave sterilisation. This means you can be 100% certain that no uninvited guests sneak into your process.

The Growcoon for tissue culture is currently being tested, and we’re already seeing promising results. The product is expected to be available in mid-2023.


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100% biodegradable
Natural microclimate
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