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Grow a stronger, more uniform crop? Faster, cleaner and more sustainable? Supported by the best technology, your crop really comes to life

100% biodegradable
Natural microclimate
Unique fit
Choose your own substrate
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Four solid steps forward for your cultivation

Give roots space, and accelerate cultivation. The Growcoon supports and protects the root ball, enabling plants to grow optimally. When the roots themselves form a firm root ball over time, the cutting and seed plug holder degrades. Really natural, and zero waste!


A solution for all kinds of crops

The Growcoon is suitable for a wide range of crops. Crops with a longer lead time benefit greatly from the support and protection provided by the Growcoon. Plants that grow rapidly also reap the advantages. Discover in which segments the Growcoon is widely used.

Can be used for

Growcoon models exist for all trays. The Growcoon is also ideal for hydroponics. This is because the Growcoon keeps contamination out of the system, and leaves no residues behind. With our latest development, Growcoon for tissue culture, tissue culture can be automated.

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BioTech Growth

At Growcoon, we work alongside nature

In the Netherlands, we try to produce a lot in a very small area. That doesn’t happen automatically, so we have to innovate to do this sustainably. It’s something we’ve become skilled in. Growcoon is a striking example: nature and technology successfully combined in a single product. BioTech Growth

BioTech Growth 

Exclusive sales partner


It’s impossible to get a result without a good substrate, which is why Growcoon and Klasmann-Deilmann have joined forces. Klasmann-Deilmann is the market leader in substrates, so its experts know exactly what your crop needs. They work with you to maximise yields from your cultivation. When you decide to switch to the Growcoon, they can help you on your way.

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If you’d like to find out what the Growcoon can do for you, request a free trial kit. Together, we’ll determine which Growcoon is best for your system. We’re happy to help.