Growcoon for Herbs

You want to grow the most delicious herbs. As much growth as possible is important, because your customer naturally wants the highest possible fresh weight. Then it's good to know that Growcoon provides all the conditions for optimal root development and a uniform and controllable growth process. And it also saves you money.

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With Growcoon you can count on:

  • Patented net structure for growing space and protection
  • Transplants without stress reaction
  • Less waste, therefore lower costs

No stress, less waste!

The patented net structure gives the plant roots plenty of room to grow (also through the plug). At the same time, the root ball is protected, giving your herbs a big head start. This in turn gives you maximum benefit during and after transplanting, because the well-known stress reaction does not occur. And therein lies the profit; it ensures faster, lush, uniform crops and little wastage.

Another advantage: thanks to the strength of its special net structure, the Growcoon can even replace a plastic pot (ask your Klasmann-Deilmann contact person about this). Just think how much plastic waste (and costs) you'll save that way?

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Growcoon for Hydroponics: save on raw materials

The Growcoon for Hydroponics was developed especially for hydroponics. Here, we zoomed in specifically on various challenges that you are well aware of when growing on water. The Growcoon for hydroponics was created in collaboration with various system suppliers. Thanks to the Growcoon's closed bottom, nothing pollutes the water. This allows you to grow a healthy crop. Without your filters filling up, or the organic matter in the water consuming your precious oxygen. Moreover, you can use much less substrate, because the Growcoon largely takes over the root binding function.

The facts at a glance

Growcoon connects to existing cultivation systems: Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) or Deep Flow Technique (DFT). The Growcoon is also extremely suitable for Vertical Farming. A smart sustainable choice for your organic cultivation, because the plug is fully biodegradable.

Request your free test package now and discover the advantages of Growcoon when growing herbs.