Growing with Growcoon gives you more control. You choose your own substrate and its density, as well as the filling method.


More control

Growing with Growcoon gives you more control. You choose your own substrate and its density, as well as the filling method. You use your own trays, in which the Growcoon fits nicely thanks to its compatible shape. The unique net structure and elasticity give the plant roots enough space to develop.

You benefit from:

  • Improved root growth due to the natural air buffer between the tray and the Growcoon
  • Earlier transplanting
  • The root ball is easy to remove from the tray
  • Easy to automate
  • Free choice of substrate

The Growcoon’s conical shape provides an air buffer between the tray and the root ball, so it literally breathes and creates an optimal microclimate where plant roots can grow unhindered. Another advantage is that the roots suffer much less damage during transplanting.


You decide which substrate you use

Because you decide which growing medium to use, you can select the perfect substrate for your specific crop. And sometimes, the Growcoon even opens new doors…

Did you know that…?

The binding capacity of many sustainable substrates is far from ideal. So, should you forget about them? Think again! The Growcoon binds the root ball optimally, compensating for the substrate’s deficiency in this area, and you can make your business more sustainable without sacrificing quality after all!

Growcoon dispenser

You place the Growcoon in the trays yourself. This can be done by hand, or with the Growcoon dispenser. With a dispenser, you can fill your trays with Growcoons either manually or fully automatically. The capacity of the dispenser is 50,000 tray holes per hour. A manual dispenser is a standalone unit. The fully automatic dispenser, on the other hand, is integrated in your filling line, so you can create your own cutting and seed plug (with substrate of your preference) properly filled in your tray at the touch of a button.

Would you rather order pre-filled trays? No problem! Contact us for the best solution for your situation

100% biodegradable
Natural microclimate
Unique fit
Choose your own substrate

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It’s impossible to get a result without a good substrate, which is why Growcoon and Klasmann-Deilmann have joined forces. Klasmann-Deilmann is the market leader in substrates, so its experts know exactly what your crop needs. They work with you to maximise yields from your cultivation. When you decide to switch to the Growcoon, they can help you on your way.

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