The Growcoon

The Growcoon is a unique cutting and seed plug holder, comprised of a smart housing that you can fill with your preferred substrate.


Can be used for

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Tree nurseries
Soft fruit
Leafy vegetables

The product concept

The Growcoon is a unique cutting and seed plug holder, comprised of a smart housing that you can fill with your preferred substrate. The holder is made of 100% biodegradable material, and is designed to support and protect the root ball of a young plant in the early stages of its growth.

The unique patented net structure gives roots plenty of space to develop optimally and form a nice root ball. When this job is finished (in other words: the functional period of the Growcoon has expired), the Growcoon degrades completely. Nothing remains but water and CO2. Zero waste, so very sustainable.

Biologisch afbreekbaar

100% biodegradable

The Growcoon is made of a biodegradable polymer. Depending on your crop, you can choose between two types: the Regular Growcoon or the Progressive Growcoon. The latter, as the name implies, degrades faster. This degradation starts as soon as the Growcoon is put into use.

The degradation rate is affected by factors such as humidity, pH value, temperature, substrate type and your crop itself. You can influence many of these factors. Grow as a pro! The Growcoon experts at Klasmann-Deilmann are happy to help you on your way.

Perfect microklimaat

Natural microclimate

You can fill your Growcoons as you wish, with the substrate and substrate density of your preference. That means you can decide to fill your Growcoons more loosely, making the substrate more airy, or vice versa. You create the best conditions, so that your crop can develop at a rapid pace.


Unique fit

A Growcoon model is available for every type of tray (and gutter or float). The conical shape forms an air buffer between the tray and the root ball, so it literally breathes and creates an optimal microclimate where plant roots can grow unhindered. Another advantage is that the roots suffer much less damage during transplanting.

Jouw substraat

Choose your own substrate

You decide which substrate to use, so you can do what’s best for your specific crop. The substrate experts at Klasmann-Deilmann provide advice tailored to your specific situation, and know exactly which substrate types and mixtures succeed in combination with the Growcoon.

compact en stapelbaar

Compact and stackable

The Growcoon isn’t just completely degradable, it’s also compact and stackable. This helps reduce transport costs, and represents yet another gain in terms of sustainability.

schoon en efficient

Work cleanly and efficiently while saving at the same time

This Growcoon has a resilient base, so much fewer loose particles end up in the system. That makes it perfect for crops on a recirculating water system. If a plant extracts nutrients from water, substrate is only needed to bind the root ball. The Growcoon largely takes over this function, allowing you to reduce your substrate consumption by up to 75% in hydroponic cultivation systems. A healthy profit guaranteed!

Growcoon Dispenser

Are you looking for ways to reduce your labour costs, increase efficiency and scale up? Have you ever considered automating your planting process? Advantages of the Growcoon dispenser.



We understand all too well that you need some independent evidence! Our certificates: OK Compost Industrial, OK Biodegradable SOIL, Skal, FIBL and Ecocert show that the Growcoon is completely biodegradable in the soil, compostable, and authorised for use in organic crops. Because we also believe in proven concepts.

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It’s impossible to get a result without a good substrate, which is why Growcoon and Klasmann-Deilmann have joined forces. Klasmann-Deilmann is the market leader in substrates, so its experts know exactly what your crop needs. They work with you to maximise yields from your cultivation. When you decide to switch to the Growcoon, they can help you on your way.

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